Accountants are creative too (no, not the illegal kind)

Accountants are creative too (no, not the illegal kind)

Accountants are creative too (no, not the illegal kind)

I’ve been thinking for a long time about the creativity of accountants (the good kind). 

In the past, i would say most accountants wouldn’t consider themselves creative. That word is for artists, photographers, writers, graphic designers. People who do creative-y things. 

But where does that impression come from? Why is it we think some people are creative, and some aren’t? 

I love the quote attributed to Picasso: 

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

(It’s not completely clear whether he said it or not, but it looks like he held to the spirit of the quote, if not the letter.)

Every human being is creative, and has creativity within them: and that includes accountants. 

But for accountants, the creative spirit does get quashed a bit – with laws and checklists and penalties and double entry systems, right numbers and wrong numbers. The “getting it right” approach (which is absolutely correct for an accountant doing good work for their clients) lets you down a bit when it comes to marketing, and creativity, and curiosity. 

Because in marketing, there’s no right answer. There are good guidelines, and other people (or firms’) experiences, and suggestions, and best practice….but what works for one accounting firm might not work for you. What works for one person might not work for you. 

So you have to get creative. Try things. Explore. Be curious. 

And you can. 

The more I work with accountants, the more I discover that when they accept their (and their team’s) creativity as a fact, their marketing is better. It appeals to the right kind of clients, and instead of finding marketing to be difficult or even scary, they get excited and enthusiastic. 

Because this issue is so important (and can have such a massive impact on your firm’s marketing, and on your own enthusiasm for it), I’ve decided to run two events on this topic within the UK

(If you’re not in the UK, feel free to fly over here. Or request we come to your city in the States!!) 

I don’t usually use these Notes to promote events, but these are free, and I believe they have the power to change your life, your firm, and the loyalty of your team members. They’ll love your firm better because of what you learn here.

The events are for accountants only (or those who serve them), because that’s our target market and that’s who we know best. 

Join us in Edinburgh or Manchester (or both!). I was going to say “if you’re nearby”, but we already have accountants from way down south booking on these events, booking hotels and trains, and making a real effort to come. We’re capping it at 100 so book now or forever hold your peace! Ha! 

Here’s all the info.


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