14 Free Resources from Andy Bounds when you buy his new book The Snowball Effect

Andy Bounds Snowball EffectWe love passing on a great deal.

Andy Bounds, international best-seller (and guest speaker for our upcoming webinar on improving communication and sales skills) has today launched a new book, The Snowball Effect.  (Congrats, Andy!!)  And he is offering a whole truckload of free resources today only when you buy his new book on Amazon.

Below is the transcript of his email, and we encourage you to buy the book.  I bought the Jelly Effect five years ago and still turn to it often as an amazing point of reference!


– Email from Andy Bounds –

Today is the official launch of my new book The Snowball Effect (communication techniques to make you unstoppable).  The book has one main objective: to make a permanent improvement to how you communicate.

I’ve been delighted by the reviews so far.  For example: business guru Brian Tracy said:  “this fast-moving, helpful and practical book shows how to develop instant rapport, connect with the basic interests of the other person, and persuade him/her quickly to your point of view in a warm, professional manner.”

The book contains lots of simple, practical techniques, which I’ve split into four main sections:

  • Persuade people to say “yes” more quickly, more often
  • Enjoy your job more, because you’re calling the shots for a change
  • Remove the communication frustrations you feel all too often
  • Get more done more quickly, by getting people on your side faster

Click here to buy The Snowball Effect

If you buy the book on Amazon today, I’ll send you a link to these fantastic insights from 14 top thought leaders:

  • ‘Transform your ability to market yourself and influence others’, by marketing legend Drayton Bird
  • ‘Raising your visibility with personal branding’, by Lesley Everett, the leading voice on Personal Branding
  • ‘An hour of insightful, engaging and humorous views on how to better ourselves, and the people around us’ by international best-selling authors Paul McGee and Andy Cope
  • ‘How to give impactful radio interviews and create compelling core messages’, by Alan Stevens, an expert at helping companies enhance their reputation. Alan is currently President of the Global Speakers Federation
  • ‘Quick tips for the perfect presentation’, by Simon Morton founder of Eyeful Presentations Ltd
  • ‘A simple guide to successful reviewing’ by Tony Birch, who has 20+ years’ experience of preparing winning bids and pitches
  • ‘40 power questions to grow your business’, by Bev James, CEO of the world’s largest training centre for coaches, and bestselling author of ‘Do it! Or ditch it!’
  • ‘LinkedIn for Leaders’ and ‘The Three Click Myth’, by Phil Blything, co-founder of digital agency – Glow New Media
  • ‘How to network your way to more business’ by Charlie Lawson, who runs the UK arm of the world’s largest networking and referrals organisation, BNI
  • Excerpts from the book ‘OMG’ by Geoff Ramm – a multi-award winning international speaker, known as ‘the Billy Connolly of marketing’
  • ‘Top ten negotiation tips’ by Alan McCarthy, a sales expert who has helped his customers win $billions of new business
  • The e-book ‘How to achieve your goals’ by high performance coach Antony Stagg
  • Plus five short videos from me, showing how to improve your meetings, emails, sales, PowerPoint slides … and your ability to say “no”!

To buy the book, and get all this advice for free, you only have to:

  1. Buy the book on Amazon today
  2. Send your proof of purchase today to my colleague emmamerry at andybounds dot com

Andy BoundsAnd that’s it.

Amazon will send you the book; we will send you the advice.

This offer is open to anybody. So, please feel free to forward this email to anyone who you think would be interested.

But the offer’s only valid if you buy the book today.  So why not make it the next thing you do?

Thank you,

Click here to buy The Snowball Effect, and receive all the specialist advice for free