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100 ideas of what to cover in a 100 day content challenge

yellow shoes starting line

The very best video coach is you, recording a video, every day, over and over.

The best initial writing training course is you, writing, every day, over and over.

The best way to learn social media is by posting on different social platforms, every day, over and over.

As much as reading books, watching videos, listening to others, attending trainings, and buying equipment are all good things to do…there is literally no replacement for actually trying something. “You won’t learn how to ride a bike at a seminar.” I heard that somewhere (it might even be a book, which is rather ironic), and you can feel the truth of it. If you want to learn to swim, get in the pool.

Having a coach or mentor or teacher is absolutely valuable to give direction as you do the thing, and I recommend it. We run the 12 week Accelerator for just this reason: to help accountants learn about how marketing works for accountants, and why, and where to begin. But the best part of Accelerator is the actual DOING, the creating. We send Loom videos as feedback, and share observations, and make suggestions, and give praise and encouragement.

Recently we suggested the 100 day challenge for video, or social media. One of our Accelerator members asked, “Do you have suggested lists on your blog of what to cover for 100 days?”…which we thought was a really great question.

So here are 100 ideas for your 100 day challenge.

You can do these by written post, photograph, or video, though we’d suggest picking one to be consistent.

Post a written post every day for 100 days, or a photograph every day for 100 days, or a video every day (to your grid or story) for 100 days.

This list is a random mixture of personal, business, life, family, work, rest…. you can feel free to go off-list anytime, with anything!

You can even use one post idea to springboard you into a whole series of other posts every day – for example, answering a favourite book you’re reading…you could then post the next day about another book, and then another, and another. Or if you want the posts to be more focused on the business, you could literally stick with posts 1-4, over and over, for 100 days.

  1. Answer a question a client asked you today (which you’ve been asked before)
  2. Answer a question a prospect asked this week (which you’ve been asked before)
  3. Answer a question you’ve never been asked before but you think would be helpful to answer
  4. Answer a question you are so very tired of answering in life (ie one you get asked a lot)
  5. How you feel about doing this 100 day challenge
  6. A view from your office
  7. A story you’ve told before
  8. Something you’re looking forward to today
  9. A favourite anything (food, weather, book, video, film, place to visit)
  10. Your feelings about the weather today
  11. A fact about your business
  12. A story about starting up your business
  13. Something you are grateful for today
  14. SomeONE you are grateful for today, and why
  15. A gift you received you still use often
  16. Your pet
  17. A funny face or pose your pet makes regularly
  18. The way you approach your day (scheduled? random? whatever is most urgent?)
  19. Something you hate which most people seem to love
  20. Something you love which many people seem to hate
  21. Your feelings about coffee
  22. A quote you’ve shared often
  23. Your favourite part of your working day
  24. A colleague or team member you will always think well of (current or former)
  25. Something you say which other people quote you as saying often
  26. Your favourite mug or cup you use every day
  27. Your shoes
  28. A memory from this day (last year, 5 years ago, more)
  29. A kind word for a client you love working with
  30. Some kind words FROM a client who loves working with you
  31. Turn to page 57 of the book nearest you and share the third sentence
  32. Sketch something and share it – a robot, a castle, a piece of fruit, a person, a dog
  33. Draw some patterns
  34. A replacement swear word you use (“son of a motherless goat!” or “flibbertigibbet!”)
  35. A restaurant you love
  36. Your middle name and how you feel about it
  37. A film everyone else thinks is great but you’re not too bothered with (and why)
  38. A service your business offers which you’ve never talked much about
  39. An app you use every day
  40. A worry you have
  41. Something you fear
  42. A podcast (or audiobook) you listen to regularly
  43. A photograph that makes you smile every time you look at it
  44. A photograph or memory that makes you a little sad
  45. One of your favourite views in the world
  46. One thought you have had before….about marketing
  47. …about running your own business
  48. …about imposter syndrome
  49. …about emails
  50. …about TikTok
  51. …about owning pets
  52. …about therapy (or counselling)
  53. …about a topic like religion, or faith, or belief
  54. …about interior decorating
  55. …about do-it-yourself work or crafts or anything DIY
  56. …about listening to music whilst working
  57. A business person you admire (and why)
  58. A story about a grandparent or other family member which gets told and re-told
  59. Something you know you’re good at
  60. Something you believe you could be really good at, if you’d make an effort
  61. Something you think is a waste of time
  62. A social media platform you really don’t like
  63. Your feelings about chocolate
  64. A strange diet you’ve been on and how long it lasted
  65. A food you are really good at cooking
  66. Somewhere you’ve never been but wonder about
  67. What you believe about magic
  68. Something miraculous or amazing which happened recently
  69. A company (or product) you have loved for a long time
  70. A song you can sing most or all of the lyrics to (bonus points for singing some of it)
  71. A poem you memorised, or are familiar with
  72. The car you drive
  73. A famous person you find fascinating
  74. A book you keep saying you want to read, but haven’t yet (and what prevents you)
  75. Three questions you like to ask other people
  76. How you feel about doing this 100 day challenge: an update
  77. Share a job you or another company is hiring for
  78. An event you attended which you have good memories of
  79. A speaker or presenter who left a mark on your life for good
  80. An event you bailed on or skipped out on
  81. An event or plan you wish you’d bailed on, but didn’t
  82. Something you’ve done or achieved, which you are proud of
  83. Something you’d still like to achieve
  84. Progress you’re making towards a goal you have
  85. A frustration you’re dealing with today
  86. Something that makes you feel weary
  87. Your favourite form of exercise
  88. A sport you love to watch in the Olympics (or similar sort of competition)
  89. A word of praise for someone else
  90. A gift you’d love to give yourself
  91. One of your favourite gifts ever
  92. A word of caution you wish more people would think about
  93. Where you would go if you suddenly took the day off
  94. What prevents you taking a day or time off
  95. Something you’re a fan of
  96. An addiction you have
  97. Whether you wear glasses or contacts or not
  98. Something you feel like you could not live without
  99. A name you’d give yourself if it wasn’t the one you have
  100. How you feel about doing this 100 day challenge now that it’s done
  101. BONUS: What you’ll do next

The point is to post something, and not let what feels like a blank slate hold you back. Just get started, just keep going, and keep on until the end. And then think about what you’ve learned at the end, and how you could use this once you’ve done the full one hundred!